Who are we?

ConqMind is more than a company, We're a team of individuals who have come together with one central goal in mind: to find ways to equip the community with the strategies and tools they need to overcome adversity in their lives. With our collective knowledge and skills, we made the conscious decision that if we were to bring a light of hope to the darkest corners of this world, we must use our own light.

Our professionally trained team of mental health educators is made up of people who have also been through the crucible of life, and through effective self-mastery and dichotomy of control, have developed a deep understanding of the solution to overcoming the chaos of life's burdens.

To this end, we have made it our personal mission to prove that there is a lot of power and greatness in every person in this world, and we are determined to prove it.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that the message we send through our programs impacts the community in a way that promotes positive change. We want to globally extend our educational reach, wherein we are able to help individuals regain control of their circumstances and reshape their perspective on the challenges of life

Our Goal

As educators and practitioners, we have a duty to take responsibility for our community by being at the forefront of human suffering. We recognize that offering a hand of relief through shared struggles helps cultivate a vision of hope, and we commit to sharing with the world the light we carry.

Our Mission

Our team has a broad range of knowledge, experience, and a passion for offering a healing hand. We are aware of the mental health needs in the community and have made it our mission to combine our skills and expertise to provide solutions to everyday chaos, by helping people find their own light beyond the darkness of overcoming suffering.

We're changing the world through the empowerment of the individual.

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Changing the world through the empowerment of the individual.

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